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Robert Montgomery Podcast

Just thought I'd let you lovely people know that the next podcast over at Obscure Classics ( is going to be all about Robert Montgomery.

We've got a little survey we like to have people fill out for our podcasts about the subject, so it would be really awesome if you guys went over to the site, clicked on the Podcast page, and sent us a survey. It's just about Montgomery, your favorite movie, costar, that kind of thing.

RM gets ripped in novel....

From the Marisa de los Santos book "Love Walked In."

"What surprisingly few people know is that before Joan Crawford was terrifying with eyebrows like two shrieking crows, she was adorable and sylphlike and funny. At the end of Forsaking All Others, a film that will charm you but will not alter the warp and woof of your life's fabric, Joan finds out it was old pal Clark Gable not, as she had supposed, lifelong love Robert Montgomery who, on what was supposed to be her wedding day, filled her room with cornflowers, her favorite of all flowers. When a friend informs her of this, her pretty face fills with light, the scales fall from her eyes. The flowers are a sign! She is transfigured! Clark is her man! Put aside the fact that, despite Robert Montgomery's goofy cuddliness and nice posture, a choice between him and Clark Gable is no choice at all."

Surely this narrator does not speak for all of us!


Sweethearts (Me)

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I thought this was neat and thought I'd share with you all -

At about a 1:06, the Queen (who later becomes known as Queen Mother) meets and greets our darling Bob! From the Royal Command Performance, 1947 - meaning this is Bob after his WWII service :D